Erlend Christoffersen Marketing Lead

"MobileAppTracking provides our player acquisition team with accurate real-time data on a granular level, allowing us to optimize our campaigns to the fullest."

Bill Kang Director of Strategic Initiatives

"We've relied on MobileAppTracking time and time again to quickly analyze and optimize a wide swath of paid traffic channels as well as our own internal virality and cross-promotion--it is truly a cornerstone of all our user acquisition efforts."

Billy Shipp VP, Growth

"MAT is a tool we couldn't live without. We have a very lean user acquisition team, so choosing the right tools is a must. MAT makes everything we do in terms of user acquisition possible."

Erin Hassey User Acquisition Manager

"Having access to a great customer support team is what sold us on working with MobileAppTracking. We reach out to the team often, and MAT Support never misses a beat to ensure that our tracking runs smoothly. We have been able to significantly scale our user acquisition efforts with their quick action and thoughtful advice."

AJ Yeakel VP, Mobile Marketing

"At Zynga, we have many apps and we buy traffic from many major ad networks, which is why we needed a tracking solution that was simple and accurate like Mobile App Tracking."

Marvin Brischke Head of Mobile Marketing

"Removing the numerous ad networks’ SDKs and implementing the MobileAppTracking SDK was the best decision we have ever made. Our engineers only have to work with a single, reliable SDK that is constantly upgraded and improved."

Adam Grenier Director of Mobile Marketing

"I love the simplicity of the MAT interface and the attention given to making the set up and management of campaigns a breeze. It's the first and only platform I feel was built with the insight of an actual mobile marketer."

Ryan Leach Director of User Acquisition

"Mobile App Tracking has allowed us to scale our Marketing efforts fast, reliably and efficiently. Their dashboard is easy to manage and their customer service is excellent."

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The only truly open and unbiased solution.

  • One SDK

    The biggest hurdle for marketing a mobile app is integrating SDKs for every ad network and publisher you want to work with. With MobileAppTracking (MAT), you never have to integrate another advertising SDK. Not only have we integrated with mobile ad networks and publishers, but you can easily pass conversion information to any third party partner you choose.

    • Save engineering resources.
    • Easily turn on new marketing channels.
    • Track all your marketing in one place.
    View all of our network integrations
  • Our Formula

    In this quickly evolving mobile landscape, attributing app installs and in-app engagement to the right advertising partner isn’t always easy. MobileAppTracking is completely agnostic to mobile tracking methods, giving our clients access to every method and the ability to choose which methods and device identifiers are most appropriate for their users and privacy policies. This allows MobileAppTracking to continue to support every method available to mobile marketers.

  • Your Data

    The data belongs to you. Unlike most app analytics providers we do not repurpose your data for retargeting or monetization of any kind. For this same reason, mobile ad networks and publishers trust MobileAppTracking more than any other provider as the only truly unbiased third party. We are here to remove the barrier for accurate attribution without interfering with your advertising relationships.

  • Reporting UI

    With years of experience in performance marketing, we understand the need to organize and visualize data effectively. MobileAppTracking allows an infinite number of reporting columns and data points combined with line, pie, and bar graph visualizations for comparing publisher performance in real time. Additional log reports show a complete list of all user interactions such as clicks, installs, events, updates, and more. We believe that fast and flexible reporting empowers marketers to make better decisions.

  • Lifetime Value

    The holy grail of mobile app advertising is determining your CPW (cost per whale!). How do you figure out which partners provide the highest spending customers? From displaying revenue, events, and engagement over time, MobileAppTracking allows you to easily see revenue per install and chart that progress over time through the industry’s most advanced cohort analysis tool. Our LTV report allows you to compare user lifetime revenue and engagement from one publisher to another, even allowing you to compare the progress of users over various time periods.



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