Startup Pricing

You can track up to 50,000 attributions free every month! No expiring trial or contract required. Each attribution past your initial 50,000 are priced at $.002/attribution.

Price Per attribution

  • Up to first 50,000 Free
  • Over 50,000+ $.002
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Volume Pricing

5 million? 50 million? MobileAppTracking is engineered to handle attributions at any scale. Talk to us about taking advantage of our volume discounts.

Price Per attribution* M=1,000,000

  • Over 2m $.001
  • Over 10m $.0009
  • Over 25m $.0008
  • Over 50m Call Us
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  • FOREVER FREE: Organic Installs & App Updates
  • Attributions are defined as: Clicks | Paid Installs | In-App Events
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Our Features

Core Features

  • Unbiased, third party platform
  • Quickly Track new Publishers
  • Work with Multiple Ad Networks
  • Simple Integration with Third Parties
  • Revenue and LTV Insights
  • Complete Data Privacy
  • Open 2-Way API
  • Scalability on the Cloud

Real-time Reporting

  • Dashboard and Graph Visualization
  • CTR, Install Rate, Event Rate, CPC, CPI
  • Group and Filter by time Intervals
  • Segment by 10 sub IDs
  • Payouts, Revenue, Item Revenue, Profit
  • Multiple Currency Calculation
  • Extensive data, device filtering
  • Revenue and Lifetime Value

Tracking Features

  • App to App and Web to App Tracking
  • Device Fingerprint Attribution
  • Unique Identifier Attribution
  • Supports iOS 6 Advertiser Identifier
  • Track Social Media Advertising
  • Cross Promotion Between Apps
  • Compatible with iOS 4.3+
  • Compatible with Android 2.1+

Easy Setup

  • Single iOS, Android, or Windows SDK
  • Compact file ~400kbs
  • No heavy publisher code
  • No impact on user experience
  • Dynamic event tracking
  • Simple SDK Testing

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